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Are you ready to put your story out there immediately? Submit your written submission (script/treatment/idea) and you will receive an assessment and a detailed analysis of your submission by our team of industry veterans within 30 days.

Individuals currently registered in our Feature Film Screenwriting course have the option of submitting the first ten (10) pages of a feature film script for the reduced cost of $100. Students in the Television Screenwriting course may submit a half hour comedy full script, one hour drama half script, or a television movie half script for the reduced cost of $100. Student submissions are priority and will be evaluated before general submissions. Please indicate clearly on the front of the submission if the script is a feature film, half our comedy, one hour drama, or television movie. Students may make multiple submissions at a cost of $100 for each submission. We will evaluate if you are a current student in one of our screenwriting courses. If not, we will not view nor evaluate your script and do not take on any responsibility for returning the material. Refunds for non-student submissions will incur processing fees.

Submit your written submission (script/treatment/idea)
Cost: $250

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Faith in Dreams Screenwriting Students
Cost: $100

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