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FDE Entertainment Career Academy (FDE ECA)

Entertainment Career Courses

Entertainment career opportunities now more than ever expand beyond the doors of Hollywood. The growth of the industry has brought about productions that span throughout the world. Producers, agents, writers, and other key positions are all expected to understand their responsibilities, key terms, and traditions that have proven effective. Our Entertainment Career Courses provide the training essential to becoming an employable commodity within the industry. The content also provides noteworthy preparation for individuals competeing for acceptance into visual arts programs.

FDE Academy courses provide a thorough understanding of each entertainment career. Students must participate in 80% of the core curriculum and accurately complete 80% of the knowledge assessments to qualify for the Certificate of Completion. The express version of each course which is the video lectures are offered only through Udemy.  Click on the Express Entertainment Courses button below to get started.  

Click below on each course for the Full Course description and to register


Bundled Courses

  • Screenwriting Bundle $1000
    T.V. Screenwriting + Feature Film Screenwriting + Final Draft Course + Final Draft Software
  • Final Draft Bundle: $500
    Final Draft Course + Final Draft Software (version 8, download)
  • All Course Access: $2500
    All Courses + Final Draft Software (version 8, download)


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