Toni Suttie and Integrity Casting worked with Taylor Hackford and myself, as producer, achieve the vision of an Academy award winning team...

Marty Katz, Producer

Miss Toni is an EXCELLENT Casting Director! She has a great sense of discovering a talent artistically, a great vision to see the future of a good artist, a giving, loving, insightful and kind human being!

Bai Ling, Actress

Toni's industry connections and relationships have opened many doors and brought top talent to our film...

Jeff Evans, Producer/Director

Let me just preface this by saying everything you are about to read I am telling you in complete and total honesty, TONI SUTTIE IS THE REAL DEAL!!... she'll bring magic
to your project even under significant time constraints and stand behind you all the way through the long haul shows. I'm a fan.

David D. Howe, Writer/ Director

Toni delivered an excellent seminar! Her vast experience came through clearly. She helped even experienced producers. She's also a warm, positive and personable individual to work with. Everyone left feeling motivated.

Curt Dowdy, Seminars Director
Independent Media Artists Group