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Hoops Dreamer

Dear Ms. Educated Black Woman

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Dear Ms. Educated Black Woman examines the unique relationship dynamics that Black women endure as they ascend educationally and economically. It is written as a fun, political, and spiritual memoir type read that provides perspective through Black history, Black thought, and politics that affect Black women looking for love.

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Status: In Production
Distribution: EMI CMG

Decisions, relationships, child rearing, happiness and many other ubiquitous questions plague our minds as we do our best to maximize the potential for a full life. PREACH! offers top theologians and gospel artists uniquely comprised in a manner that will bring clarity, fulfillment and prosperity to your everyday life.


Hoops Dreamer

The Do-Over

Status: Optioned Property, Script

In 1956, a young man named Mink, from the Appalachian Mountains, was devastated by the news that his tremendous college basketball days were over due to allegations of a prank. Completely frustrated, he placed dynamite in the on campus yard of this very religious college’s school President, lit the fuse, and drove off. Though it proved harmless, the blast was heard by every person in the small Kentucky town. 55 years later, during the golden years of heart surgery, pain pills, a debilitating foot diagnosis, diabetes, and a back brace, Mink wants a do-over on his hoops career. So, he writes eight area college coaches. “Dear Coach, I am 73 years old and still have some college eligibility…



Status: Announced
Producers: Whoopi Goldberg, Bernard Dean, Dexter Conner

Achievers Kids and adults alike are fascinated with the idea of living the American dream as highlighted in shows such as MTV Cribs and The fabulous life of… Travel the world with us as we feature Achievers who have attained that same dream, but, by using their education as the catalyst.



Status: Optioned Property, Script

Silvie Imagine being a beautiful and renowned actress in Europe’s golden era of the theatre. However, on the day you are to begin a major film career, Hitler storms your country introducing you to circumstances that would forever alter your existence. “You are a Jew, your mother is a Jew, and, you have a non-Aryan grandmother.”

This was the life of Silvie, as she then was forced into twenty-six globetrotting years using her acting skills to try and withstand the tragic theatre of life. Follow her as she’s thrust into the bleak realities of escape, deception, and genocide.


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