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All Course Access

All Course Access provides students access to our complete catalog of courses for one year. The one year period begins upon the student enrolling into any one of the courses for the first time*. All courses in the existing catalog of offerings can be engaged at a student’s leisure. Each course lasts one month.

Benefits to Subscription Holders:

  • The cost for All Course Access provides the courses at a significantly lesser rate than if taken individually.
  • Upon completing all courses within the catalog, students will be placed on Faith in Dreams Edutainment’s preferred list. Information will be emailed that gives students access to internship information, new course discounts, and increased access to industry professionals.
  • If additional courses are added to the catalog within the one year subscription period, subscribers can gain access to new courses for 50% less than the advertised course price.
  • All Course Access provides comprehensive training and networking within the entertainment industry. Students will gain knowledge and networks that can greatly propel their careers.

How It Works:

  • All Course Access provides access to all FDE Academy courses.
  • By enrolling in All Course Access, a student may request access to enroll in any course at any time.
  • Students can complete courses at their own pace while connecting with the industry in a special way.
  • A student may not repeat a course nor enroll in multiple courses at the same time; one course per one month period.
  • All Course Access can be purchased as a gift. Within the process of purchasing a course there will be an opportunity to provide the information of the individual that will be utilizing the subscription. Their name, email address, and date you would like us to contact them via email to inform them of the subscription gift must be provided.

Cost: $2500

*Enrollment starts upon first request of enrollment in a course, not upon purchasing the subscription package.
Courses Included: Feature Film Screenwriting, Television Screenwriting, Make-up Artist, Line Producer, Casting Director, Fashion Stylist, Talent Agent, Final Draft Course, Final Draft Software (Version 8)

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