Style Matters

   If you got it, you got it. But, most people never had it and spend hours a day trying to get it.  The bottom line is that it’s hard to be fly!  Styles change, bodies change, and your change may not add up.

But, fashion savvy people know how to look their best…and so should you!  It’s important to be familiar with an array of colors, full names, first names, and acronyms that represent the crème de la crème of the diverse fashion industry.  Blue boxes, red bottoms, Big Brown Bags, Ralph Lauren, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton,  Chanel, Prada, Ferragamo, BCBG,  DKNY, ENYCE.  Now, if you don’t know something about this you better ask somebody!   Because these colors and names define style and you need to get some.  Below is a video of pioneer fashion designer Angela Dean.  She is the featured designer in our Fashion Stylist course.

Dexter R. Conner, FiDE


If fashion is your thing now is the time.  This video gives a glimpse inside the exciting world of fashion.  Opportunities are opening up as Asian Americans like Alexander Wang, Jason Wu, and Richard Chai have recently burst on the scene.  Vogue Magazine’s editor in chief and queen of the fashion world, Anna Wintor championed these gifted designers early on and leads the charge in finding fresh new talent!   If you’re serious about a career in the fashion industry then get started.  Learn how to online for a cost less than a pair of stilettos.  Our celebrity stylist works with folks like Katy Perry, Tyrese, and Paris Hilton.  You’ll also get insight from one of the most noteworthy fashion designers in the industry today.  Get inspired and learn about the art of being fabulous! .  We’d like to hear your dreams below after watching the video and how you plan to make it happen!