My Affair with Michelle Obama

As Black Women read my new relationship book Dear Ms. Educated Black Woman, I am surprised by their shock regarding my rendezvous with The First Lady. Maybe it’s because she’s happily married to the most powerful man in the world. Or, maybe they figured she’s too beautiful, too educated, too high-brow, or too Chi-Town for a country boy like me. Maybe they didn’t understand that the entire episode with Mrs. Obama was a daydream.

Regardless, it brought to my attention that many Black Women may simply misunderstand what Brothers like. I mean, am I at fault for fantasizing about a tall, chocolate, Ivy League Educated Sister that’s rich! Who doesn’t? Plus, respectfully I’d like to remind you that she’d also place well in a Ms. Apple Bottom contest (wink wink). Every since The Cosby Show’s Claire Huxtable showed us the epitome of a strong, sexy, Educated Black Woman back in the day, many Brothers have been trying to get one. Okay, I’m married to one; and don’t mean to sound greedy. And, maybe I should have mentioned that as having something to do with the initial responses to my book. But, in the words of the profound Steve Harvey, “Don’t Trip…He (God) Ain’t Through with me Yet.” I’m joking. I have tremendous respect for my wife, Mrs. Obama, and the POTUS. I am particularly happy that the First Family is a tremendous example of Black love.

Dear Ms. Educated Black Woman explores the evolving dynamics affecting Educated Black Women in romance with Black Men. It’s the “real talk” that we’ve needed to have for a while. Fiction, non-fiction, hip-hop, film, politics, and religion are all used to explore how we have gotten to some unfortunate circumstances regarding Black love, and how we can do better moving forward.

Author: Dexter R. Conner