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Team FDE (Faith in Dreams Edutainment)

Faith in Dreams Edutainment (FDE) was founded by a group of entertainment industry veterans to bring professional entertainment education to the masses. The entertainment hubs of LA and NY may be out of reach to some, but we can all meet online! Film and TV are excellent tools of communication and even in this great age of access and opportunity, there are still rules to be imparted to newcomers to Hollywood. FDE is a group of people that want to share their experience to train individuals to be the best creative professionals that they can be and follow their dreams to their ultimate outcome: success!

Many people think that the things that they dream of happen to ‘other people’. Once upon a time, you had to go to Hollywood. Now, FDE wants to bring the Hollywood to you. The skills, protocols, and time-honored traditions of Hollywood can be studied and learned.

To hear more from the FDE team, check out our blog!

Faith in Dreams Edutainment
531-A North Hollywood Way #239
Burbank, CA 91505
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